Frequently Asked Questions


Can I stay with my current fund manager and get advice from Vranken Financial Planning?

Yes, you can. We can provide advice on hundreds of different fund managers. You can choose to retain your current fund manager, and obtain advice from Vranken Financial Planning.

Under Future of Financial Advice (FOFA) legislation, you can choose to opt in and opt out of advice at any time. This means that you can choose to opt out of advice with your current provider (if applicable), and opt in to get advice from Vranken Financial Planning.

Will I pay more?

We provide very competitive, capped advice fees, which means that we offer great value. We can ensure that your monies are invested in funds that offer both great value and performance. 

Can I change my mind?

We do not have any entry or exit fees. This means that if you change your mind, and prefer to obtain advice from another provider (including your former provider) you can choose to do this at any time. 

Will my money be safe?

We are purely focused on the provision of quality, holistic advice and we do not produce or issue any financial products.

If you remain invested in your current fund, your funds will continue to be invested in a similar way, with the same fund managers, which means your funds are just as safe as before.